By 28 Febbraio 2017 Events

The one-to-one full immersion  days  of Live Surgery, are an innovative format of clinical-surgical individualized course upon request, to reduce as much as possible the distance Tutor-learner which often is the real obstacle for efficient distribution of the knowledge.

They are designed to meet the needs of all our colleagues who just want to learn the "basic theory" then putting it into practice and who just want to learn what is clinically relevant.

Among the objectives of modern Implantology the reduction of time and costs plays an important biological role. In this perspective, the 'use of post extraction implants becomes a' therapeutic option of the foreground. However, in order to obtain an optimal aesthetic and functional result, it is necessary to know the advantages and limitations of this approach. Through a complete diagnostic workup that analyzes the anatomical bases, biological and biomechanical single clinical case to be resolved it is possible to come to a rational treatment plan leading to a successful outcome predictable in the long term. The speakers then explain the scientific basis and a wide clinical cases in order to give the student a complete overview on the state of 'art in the' use of post extraction implants.