By 31 Gennaio 2017 Insights

THE MAIN AIM OF THE STERILIZATION is to ensure that all dental instruments are safe from a bacteriological point of view, at the time of their use on the individual patient. This means you need to employ properly trained personnel  and equipment for sterilization of instruments constructed and installed in accordance.

Fundamental is also a quality control system that certifies the correct execution of each procedure. This is what gives our patients the certainty of being treated well.


The most appropriate methods for dental practices are sterilized with moist heat and cold sterilization of heat-sensitive materials.

The correct process of sterilization of dental instruments provides:

1. the instruments must be kept in sterilation room in the appropriate tray.

2.the chemical decontamination of the material in order to protect the operator dedicated to the preparation of the toolkit during the washing phases and maintenance of instruments.

3.wash and mechanical drying

4.decontamition is carried out by mechanical devices (ultrasound) and the use of proteolytic enzyme in the base substances.

5.the correct materials packaging process is an essential component for the guarantee of the sterilization process in order:

- To maintain sterility of the materials up to the time of their use
- Allow penetration and contact of objects with sterilizing agents
- Reduce the risk of contamination at the time of the opening.
6.sterilization by the use of a Class B autoclave with a cycle at 134 degrees

7. After removing the tray from the autoclave material released at the end of sterilization must be legibly on the casing sterilization date of sterilization and expiration.

The methods of control of the sterilization cycle that we use are based on methods:

- Physical: They are checks that are carried out by means of measuring instruments associated with the equipment sterilization.

- Organic: They are used bacterial products harmless to test the actual capacity of the sterilizing process.

- Chemicals: The operating principle is based on the use of inks or waxes can react when exposed to stimuli such as heat, steam and pressure.

The entire procedure is performed daily and scrupulously followed by the staff of our Office; For this reason, dear patients, your health with us is safe !!


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