By 11 Luglio 2017 Insights

Only just over one Italian out of 6 is being done to maintain beautiful and healthy teeth. Most countrymen, nearly 2 out of 5 instead neglects the care of the smile.
Here are the 10 commandments which help smile:

1. Begin the prevention of school age. At 6 years sprouting occurs first molars and the barter of the incisors. It is important to teach children the basic techniques of oral hygiene and implement an effective plaque control. It should also be made an evaluation visit orthodontic and prevention of malocclusions and / or bone defects.
2. Carefully check the state of the gums, after the eruption of the permanent teeth. If the gums are swollen, red and bleeding, undergo specialist examination by a periodontist. Bleeding gums, regardless of its frequency or magnitude, is a strong indication of an active periodontitis.
3. Carry out the professional cleaning at least every 4/6 months. The frequency of occupational hygiene sessions is correlated, in the case of children, to their ability to brush correctly.
4. Run puberty a risk test for the evaluation of genetic factors determining the development of periodontitis.
5. Make timely sealing of teeth with deep grooves and receptive to tooth decay.
6. Perform a microbiological test in case of periodontitis clinically overt. The test should be repeated once a year, after healing, to prevent recurrence.
7. Undergo the preventive treatment of periodontitis. To solve the periodontal infection is not enough to eliminate the teeth and replace them with titanium implants. The same bacteria that cause periodontal disease also affects the plants, resulting in the peri-implantitis, and losing them.
8. Reduce the cigarettes to no more than 3 or 4 per day and abolish cigars and pipes. Smoking increases from 7 to 10 times the risk of losing his teeth in periodontitis and therapies are less effective in the case of tobacco.
9. Perform specific medical checks in the case of diabetes, atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. Do not underestimate the role that toxins and bacteria themselves, consistently coming in a circle, can be had in many diseases. Many systemic diseases are related to periodontitis.
10. Check with a dentist specialist in case of injury of the gingival oral mucosa. Oral cancer accounts for 1% of malignant tumors, a biopsy performed promptly often allows to intercept the injury during pre-cancerous.

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