By 13 Giugno 2017 Insights

The anxiety and the pain of the patient are the two real clinical problems of dental clinics, always there but invisible More Often To the eyes.

Representing the cause absolutely More Frequent of Medical Emergencies What Can Meet In Dental Clinic Business and constitute a source of stress for the dentist and the study staff.

The anxiety Management and Patient pain is an INDISPENSABLE requirement to perform dental interventions in Maximum Security and becomes an effective communication channel for the profession.

The sedation protocol anxiolytic Proposed by Prof. John Manani and used for many years at Our Studio, is now a modern and valuable tool a dentist arrangement.

This anxiolytic can Being conducted completely independently by the trader uses the Use of benzodiazepines (eg Valium) What are administered to the patient orally and intravenously and titrated to the base of Subjective Response What is controlled Through the multifunctional monitor.

The anterograde amnesia That is associated with treatment is a further advantage of the Procedure anxiolytic That ensures the dental team Elevated levels of security, high operating comfort and maximum pleasure for the patient.

This is the secret to have not traumatized and Happy Patients  after The surgeries performed.